Functional Movement

Physical Therapist and Movement Specialists look at an individual in a multi-dimensional approach. They screen, assess and correct through feedback, exercises, and treatment.

No two individuals move exactly alike. Even if you have two patients complaining of low back pain, their symptoms, restrictions in movement and gait or posture substitutions can look completely different.

Through the fascial lens, we look at how all the parts are all inter-connected. Fascia and connective tissue are whole-body networks so we can’t think of parts alone, we have to assess all the systems. How does the patient present in standing versus walking? In gravity or out of gravity? Single movements or whole-body movements, such as squatting

Movement is individual and unique to each person. Things that affect how we move include: psychological, neurological, motor and environmental influences.

Our posture and how we carry ourselves through life relay a non-verbal belief about ourselves. How are an individual’s conscious versus their unconscious movements different?

Gait, Posture and Movement screenings give a therapist valuable information.

Based on these findings and information we can help clients achieve optimal, pain-free, fluid movement. When we move in our bodies correctly, we increase confidence, body awareness, and reduce the chance of injury.  Our bodies are dynamic and ever-changing and require correct assessment, screening, and treatment to increase the success and outcome of each individual.