As a 46-year-old woman who has been trapped for over 8 years in what felt like a 90-year old atrophied body, this is my personal testimony of hope for you.

 Over 8 years ago I had a rib subluxation in my thoracic spine and what should have been a one-time fix in your average person it turned out to be a chronic problem for me and it set me on a maddening journey to seek sources of help from countless physicians, home remedies, and physical therapists. While many clinical “experts” prescribed medication in an attempt to mask the symptoms of excruciating pain in my back, rib cage, and arms, there were many other experts who felt that my description of it feeling as if my ribs were popping out of place was all in my head. All because not one of them could get to the root of the issue to properly provide relief and improve my range of motion.

 After spending tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and countless hours online searching for answers, and feeling extremely isolated and rather depressed, I found Liz at Myofascial Release of Central Florida. Liz is unique because not only is she a physical therapist but she’s someone who has personal experience in dealing with complex fascia issues. Liz really listened to my frustrations, she understood my medical history, took the time to understand my needs and goals, and then set a progressive plan in motion. Her clinical methodology is the only treatment where I FEEL the improvement. Not just in my body but in my mind and spirit too.

There really are no words that can describe getting my life back. I’m still not 100% but Liz has been my clinical partner. She’s dedicated to helping me get back to normal daily living, being social, smiling, and having hope. And, each time I’m able to vacuum, attend a social event, drive without pain, and walk my dog – she’s who I thank.

Lisa B.

Orlando, Florida

For any woman that has come to this website searching for help with their pelvic floor issues and even more specific bladder related issues please read on. You have come to the right place. When I came to Liz I had been through two major abdominal surgeries within a period of 16 days with the second being a radical hysterectomy after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was followed by surgery for my port and then 6 rounds of difficult chemo over a period of 4 months.

 During this period it was becoming increasingly difficult to urinate properly. My bladder was freezing up. I would try to go but could not normally. I went the route of a Urologist out of desperation and endured two painful tests and then weeks of “therapy” sessions hooked up to a monitor while using this very uncomfortable sensor internally. My results on the screen were good, yet I was only getting worse. I was assured I would eventually improve and was doing everything I could and that you had to go through this period before you got better. I was also told by the urologist and technician to do Kegel exercises during this time which was only tightening that area up and making things worse. I was starting to despair. I knew I had to go a different route, but didn’t know where I would turn when I remembered I had met Liz several years earlier and I thought perhaps MFR and pelvic therapy might help. It was my last resort at this point, but in hindsight it should have been my first! I called and got my first appointment.

 Finding Liz and the skills she has to work with women on these matters was an answer to prayer. After my first appointment I started showing improvement. And it continued from there until I could urinate normally again. Something we just take for granted. Liz knew exactly what to do to treat the problem and make me better! I continue to work with Liz for overall “bodywork” to deal with all the fallout from the surgeries and resulting scar tissue. She is superb with this work. When I am able to see her regularly it helps keep me moving and lowers my overall pain.

Liz is a skilled and gifted physical therapist. When you are there getting treated by her you get individual, caring attention which I feel is an important part of the healing process. It is a warm and welcoming environment.

Greg L.

Orlando, Florida

When I came to Liz, I had been struggling with hip and shoulder problems for more than 10 years. I had tried multiple treatment approaches, but had only seen temporary results at best. Liz did not offer me a “magic bullet” solution — but she did offer me some immediate relief as well as the opportunity to work with her on permanent healing. The results over time have been amazing — my hip pain gradually diminished to a whisper. My shoulder, which used to act up every few months, has seen me through two-and-a-half years of injury-free workouts as well as three intense obstacle races.

 In each treatment session, Liz combines her in-depth knowledge of physical therapy and anatomical function, remarkable sensitivity for MFR, and a deeply intuitive approach to understanding what will be most beneficial. I have benefited enormously from insights gained in our sessions, and I appreciate how Liz includes emotional as well as physical aspects of wellness. I often go away with physical and emotional “to-dos”, and the resulting lifestyle adjustments I’ve made have snowballed into powerful confidence in my body’s ability to heal.

Diane C.

Orlando, Florida

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. I am close to sixty years old and have been a dental technician for my entire career. At the age of three, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease, leri plenonosteosis, one of twenty in the world (yeah wow) but as a child, I knew no difference from other children except I was a little smaller in stature, no big deal. Later in life as the disease started getting a grip on my body limiting movement in all my joints, calcium deposits and cartilage degeneration I found myself in great pain just doing normal everyday activities. Well, then came surgery’s bilateral hip and knee replacements’ extreme pain and need more surgeries. Yes and this is where Liz comes in to play God bless her.

 After conventional physical therapy I still had much pain and my body, as you could imagine, was misaligned. Liz had taken the time to explain MFR, the stress the surgeries put on my body and the many years of work, bent over a bench had taken its toll. She cracked her fingers smiled kindly and said you are the perfect person for MFR. If I only knew then how perfect I was in her eyes and the benefits I would reap in the future. She knew my potential better than I and we proceeded with planned treatment.

 Today I am more limber than I have been in years although I feel the surgeries were necessary, I often wonder if I knew MFR earlier if it would have saved me a lot of pain and misery. Well, we cannot change the past but have all the hope of a positive future. This attitude of well being and a bright future is also incorporated in Liz’s treatment for she is always optimistic and never displays a doubt of pessimism but only happy thoughts and proven therapies while in her presence.

I strongly urge anyone who really wants to make a difference in their physical being needs to take a long hard look into MFR

Ron P.

Oviedo, Florida

Elizabeth is an exceptional myofascial therapist.  Her understanding and compassion for her patients set her care above others.  Four years ago she came to my rescue when I experienced yet another sacral iliac joint dislocation in my long history of chronic pain related to this problem.  Traditional physical therapy and medication had failed to offer stability for the joint and consequently I lived with pain every day.  I had come to believe that inevitably I would have to spend my life in a wheelchair.

 Under her care, many underlying skeletal problems have surfaced that she found to contribute to the instability of my SI joint.  She proficiently diagnosed these causes and in her methodical way has helped to resolve many of these underlying causes for chronic pain and reducing the number of acute episodes with SI joint dysfunction.

 She truly wants the best care for her patients so when I was diagnosed with a severe case of vertigo, knowing that MFR therapy could not help me, she promptly referred me to the vestibular rehabilitation therapist.  In addition to SI joint stability, she has treated multiple acute and chronic pain issues successfully with MFR therapy from trigeminal neuralgia, which is now in remission, to reducing pain in legs and hips following the big toe amputation to remove the melanoma.

Her sensitivity for managing my chronic pain issues is reflected not only in therapy but in her recommendations for home care maintenance.  When I did not respond well to traditional exercise program, she researched to find one that worked best for a patient such as I with hyper mobility.  Consequently, I now have a home care regiment that strengthens my body rather than causing more pain issues.  

The majority of my days now are pain free thanks to her care.  I highly recommend her as a myofascial therapist.   I count myself very fortunate to be one of her success stories.

Carolyn P.

Orlando, Florida